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RSM McGladrey
RSM McGladrey - Professional Services

Building consistent flexibility in a dispersed accounting and consulting firm

Client Challenge 

McGladrey provides a range of professional services through approximately 7,000 staff in more than 90 offices nationwide. Its leadership recognized the need for a state-of-the-art approach to flexibility to recruit and retain its valuable workforce and to remain competitive with the flexibility practices of other leading firms. Given the decentralization of the organization and the strong partner leadership in each office, it was critical to develop a consistent yet flexible approach across the organization.

FlexWise™ Intervention
R&C brought to this task its skills in guidelines development and customization, executive briefing, HR and leadership training and live and online employee development. Working with project leadership we customized the guidelines extensively to conform to the distinct needs of an accounting firm. We also followed the design of the organization in conducting a sequence of executive briefings and leadership training sessions in major offices across the country.

Organizational Outcome 
The flexibility system achieved a high degree of acceptance throughout the organization. Many leaders of the firm became flexibility champions and a strong commitment was made to the continued support of the initiative. The key talent goals of recruitment, retention and engagement were met. The firm developed a high profile nationally and within the professional service field as a flexible place to work. 

FlexWise™ Tools & Counsel

Successful flexibility:

  • changes cultures
  • redesigns for retention
  • takes risks to recruit the exceptional
  • lets work be done where it is done best
  • engages and innovates for high productivity

Our FlexWise™ tools include targeted guidelines, robust online trainings, work redesign guides and metrics systems. We counsel and train task forces, executives, HR teams, managers and employees.

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