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Manager Training:  The Road to "Culture Shift"

A flexible workplace is marked above all by flexible leadership and management – it is not flexible schedules alone. Each organization has to decide where it wants its managers to end up on the flexible skills continuum and how much time and energy it will devote to that process. A greater investment will yield a greater return. There are many options in a comprehensive training regimen:

  Instructive Guidelines   We design all our FlexWise™ guidelines primarily as
    instructional tools. Unlike many guides that are aimed largely at employee users, ours
    speak to both managers and employees. They offer rationale, description and mechanics
    for each option; they address the demonstrated pros and cons; they offer best practices
    and model cases of skilled, flexible managers at work. Additional training elements can be

  Online Trainings   If the devil is in the details, the undoing of FWAs occurs during
    implementation. Our online training suite ranges from orientation to the FlexWise™
    system to comprehensive guides on how to excel at telecommuting, remote work,
    compressed schedules and job sharing. Just-in-time and always accessible, these
    virtual coaches can introduce and sustain best practices.

  Brief Training   Live, highly interactive and carefully designed brief trainings for managers
    offer a time- and cost-effective means for shifting managers’ attitudes toward flexible
    schedules. Flexibility raises many concerns among managers. They are rarely offset by
    information and assertion alone. Discussion in 1.5 hour sessions we design for HR delivery
    can put skepticism to rest.

  Intensive Training   Too many companies describe – and bemoan – post-launch cultures
    in which a significant population of managers remains closed to any form of flexibility. We
    have a strong track record of moving managers through direct training in 3-4 hour intensive
    sessions that turn hesitation into motivation. 

  Mutual Respect Training   More than a decade of viewing flexibility as a “benefit” or
    “program” has led to the belief that necessary changes for so-called culture change are
    shallow and easy. The belief that flexibility requires a markedly different way of managing
    and working suggests a more intensive skills training.

We work with clients to design a training mix that will produce the desired outcome in management behavior. Goals, resources and leadership commitment will set the outer limits of the training initiative. Common outcomes of any plan include:
  Understanding both the potential business value and employee satisfaction
     of flex

  Familiarity with the guidelines and business-based proposal process
  Comfort with and confidence in the decision-making tools and procedures
  Recognition that business impact, not personal reasons should drive

  The ability to address the top 10 or more common concerns and objections
  Fluency in applying flexible options to solution of broader business problems
  Proficiency in constructively monitoring and modifying flexible arrangements

FlexWise™ Tools & Counsel

Successful flexibility:

  • changes cultures
  • redesigns for retention
  • takes risks to recruit the exceptional
  • lets work be done where it is done best
  • engages and innovates for high productivity

Our FlexWise™ tools include targeted guidelines, robust online trainings, work redesign guides and metrics systems. We counsel and train task forces, executives, HR teams, managers and employees.

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