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Executive Briefings:  Fully Engaging Your Leadership

In the course of flexibility efforts, lip service is paid to “senior management support” of workplace flexibility. It is said less often whether that support is informed and deep or marginal and vague. A flexible workplace requires, and often spearheads a marked culture change. Without serious, informed and committed senior leadership, sustained change is unlikely. 

We believe -- and find -- that leaders can be enlisted in a well-framed, business-oriented initiative. They did, and still do, confront the challenge of flexibility as managers themselves. They find the FlexWise™ business-beneficial approach to be sensible and compelling. We work with clients to make sure that leaders become engaged in probing discussions of the proposed approach. Which leaders? 

  Executive Committee   This group should include the CEO, COO, CFO, SVP-HR and
    other members. These executives are the true champions of culture change. Without their
    support, change will ultimately prove limited.

  Divisional Leaders   Employees and managers take their cues and permissions as much
    from their business leaders as from the C-suite – and perhaps more. Closer to the promise
    and peril of operational flexibility, their engagement is essential.

  HR Leaders   Oddly, HR executives are a frequent source of both opposition and
    commitment. Their engagement is crucial to enabling culture change and retooling
    assumptions and habits. They and their people staff the long-term effort.

We conduct such briefings in collaboration with client colleagues. In addition to our content knowledge and credibility, we add to their organizational and strategic knowledge our “walking benchmark” and straight-talking role. Key goals of these sessions might be:
Shifting the understanding of flexibility from an accommodation to a
    business-beneficial perspective
Reviewing the elements of the FlexWise™ approach, including any website
Stimulating thinking about the long-term power of flex as a business
Identifying and address the key concerns leaders may have about the
    approach and implementation plan
Securing appropriate commitments for going forward

FlexWise™ Tools & Counsel

Successful flexibility:

  • changes cultures
  • redesigns for retention
  • takes risks to recruit the exceptional
  • lets work be done where it is done best
  • engages and innovates for high productivity

Our FlexWise™ tools include targeted guidelines, robust online trainings, work redesign guides and metrics systems. We counsel and train task forces, executives, HR teams, managers and employees.

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