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Rupert & Company has experienced leaders steeped in innovation and collaboration. They represent decades of guiding clients toward the flexible workplace, customizing online tools and developing superior leaders. They are supported in quality delivery by staff and colleagues who bring enhanced capabilities in communications and graphic design, database development, tracking systems, coaching, leadership development, scalable training and work and office redesign.


Paul Rupert is the President of Washington, DC-based Rupert & Company. He combines forty years’ general management, consulting, coaching, training and research experience with expertise in the development of flexible leadership skills and online systems.

Paul started managing flexibly with his first start-up in 1972. He pioneered the development of explicitly business-based approaches and tools for creating the flexible workplace. In his previous work as Associate Director of New Ways to Work and Flexibility Practice Leader of WFD Consulting, he directed national flexibility advocacy efforts and served a broad and distinguished client list of more than a hundred companies ranging from Aetna and AOL to Wal-Mart and Xerox.
Mr. Rupert speaks widely about organizational flexibility and is quoted regularly in the national media such as the Wall Street Journal, ABC World News, CBS News, NPR, Marketplace and Newsweek. He is a graduate of Stanford University.

Paul Rupert’s notable expertise and successful innovations include:

Flexible Manager Initiatives – the development of effective ways to transform traditional managers into flexible

Phased and Partial Retirement – creation of a protocol for success, including Work Redesign and Knowledge
      Transfer tools

Senior Management Engagement – execution of highly successful processes to arrange and secure Senior
      Executive support


Stacey Gibson is a Principal with Rupert & Company. She is based near New York City. Prior to joining the firm, she spent thirty-six years at Bristol-Myers Squibb in a variety of Human Resource leadership roles (work/life, diversity, employee relations, HR policy, etc.) Stacey has mastered and draws on a deep knowledge of managing culture change within complex organizations

In her role as Senior Director, Work/Life and Diversity Programs, she presided over the building of five onsite child development centers and initiation of a wide variety of child and elder care programs in support of employee work/life balance. In a long-term collaboration with Rupert & Company, she built a highly regarded and innovative company-wide initiative on flexible work options.
After developing a company-wide approach, she drove flexibility practices into a diverse set of business units through an intensive cultivation of HR generalists. Stacey was regularly acknowledged internally and externally for her vision, creative program implementation and insistence on approaches that served both the company and its employees. Her flexibility work was featured in a variety of conferences and professional meetings.

She graduated from Hofstra University and received her MBA in Human Resources from Pace University. Stacey is regularly quoted in the press and featured at conferences, has been honored with the Families and Work Institute Legacy Award and Ted Childs Work/Life Award and was a founding member of the Boston College Center for Work & Family Roundtable.

Stacey Gibson’s notable expertise and successful innovations include:

Sustained Flexibility Initiative – understood the need for and spent a decade implementing major culture change

Developing Job Sharing in Sales – supported the creative business application of an FWA to strengthen

Diversity Leadership – drove a comprehensive strategy that included hiring, work-life and flexible work


Steve Goldfarb is Rupert & Company’s New York-based Research & Training Director. He has more than thirty years’ experience in research design, administration and training for organizations and their employees. He held research and consulting roles at Citibank, Opinion Research Corporation, Foster Higgins, Towers Perrin and William M. Mercer. He began the firm Goldfarb Research in 1997, and later merged it into Rupert & Company. He has conducted a range of flexibility studies and training initiatives, and major projects have included ALCOA, Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, Johnson & Johnson, St. John’s Queens Hospital and University Hospitals of Cleveland.

His research has been featured in Compensation and Benefits Review and Across the Board and he was a major contributor to IBM’s landmark study on human resources, Priorities for Competitive Advantage. He has been quoted in The New York Times, USA Today and The Chicago Tribune. Mr. Goldfarb earned a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh and an M.A. in Organizational and Industrial Psychology from Columbia University, where he also completed advanced work in evaluation research, psychometrics and statistics.

Steve Goldfarb’s notable expertise and successful innovations include:

Flex Design Surveys – built online tools combining needs assessment and design options

Virtual Design Groups – refined highly efficient conference call research and reporting system

Mutual Respect Training – customized an advanced flexibility management system for all levels of employee
      and managers


Michele Lamond is Rupert & Company’s Webmaster. She brings to the position a broad background in and web design, hosting and maintenance. Prior to developing her own web services company, Michele spent more than a decade in technology roles in the investment management business. She later shifted to marketing and communications roles in the nonprofit sector.

In all these settings she developed her web design and development capabilities. She began her own comprehensive web services company in 1998, offering Southwest Florida businesses website development, Internet communication strategies and online training vehicles.
After several successful training tool and website collaborations with Rupert and Company, she joined the firm as Webmaster in 2002.

She is responsible for building the FlexWise™ suite of interactive online guides and training tools, for all client website development and customization and for maintaining all hosted sites. She is currently involved in creating our second generation websites and training tools.

Michele Lamond’s notable expertise and successful innovations include:

Interactive Training – built the suite of e-learning tools that engage both managers and employees

User-Friendly Guides – created comprehensive, popular, accessible online FWA guidelines

Quality Customization – regularly redesigned tools with broad customer input

FlexWise™ Tools & Counsel

Successful flexibility:

  • changes cultures
  • redesigns for retention
  • takes risks to recruit the exceptional
  • lets work be done where it is done best
  • engages and innovates for high productivity

Our FlexWise™ tools include targeted guidelines, robust online trainings, work redesign guides and metrics systems. We counsel and train task forces, executives, HR teams, managers and employees.

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