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Client Comments

We have worked with numerous clients over long periods of time and in a broad range of industries. Our constant goal is to deliver outstanding results and exceed all client expectations. Their representative comments below suggest that we have been successful. Given client company policies regarding endorsements, they asked that we not use their names.

Rupert & Company has worked with us for the past several years, helping us design and implement both formal Flexible Work Arrangements and a consistent approach to informal flexibility. They focus on the business in taking a strategic view of the role flexibility can play in managing talent, enhancing productivity and honoring the diverse ways people want and need to work.



We are plugging away on our phased retirement program and I continue to be pleased with the thoroughness and attention to detail we had in all of the design and materials. We haven't run into any big issues we hadn't anticipated. You helped more than you might realize. Our enrollment is very high and we continue to get great feedback. Your support was critical. We have told outside colleagues that you would be able to help them think through all of the issues.



Our guidelines have been in place for a couple of years and I’m comfortable with them, things like benefits and challenges of each arrangement. The section that goes into detail about each FWA helps people think through what they want. The FAQ section and the implications for benefits and compensation are very useful.

I would not have done this from the ground up by myself. Our HRIS division can make small changes to the guidelines based on current realities. But if we were building from scratch, I could never get the time from HRIS that I would need. It was much better to work with Rupert’s extensive expertise in the field. It put a much broader base of information at our disposal. This is not black & white stuff. These are guidelines, not exactly how it’s going to work in practice. Paul is great about discussing the gray areas, really engaging us in figuring out the tough problems.



Rupert offered a how-to kit, the expertise, the tools and resources. The user-friendly system on implementation and execution enabled us to educate managers and shift their minds to embrace the initiative.



I would recommend these online tools to other firms and businesses… They are very user-friendly. The world is busy, and as a CPA firm, time is chargeable. Anything that reduces non-billable time is good for us. The 'fast track' and general efficiency of the tool are very helpful.



His years of experience constitute the biggest contribution Paul made to our firm. He’s a seasoned professional who has seen all the permutations of work-life stories. I appreciated his willingness not only to consult but also to be a coach and guide to me.. He provided the extra consultation and guidance I needed to be successful.

Paul gets a lot of respect from the leaders in our company. He doesn’t just think about flexibility but also about how a business functions. He speaks an executive’s language.

The online guidelines and training system were absolutely helpful. It’s our one-stop shop for information. It lets everyone know what we’re striving for. Without the tool, we wouldn’t be as far along in our work-life effort.



When we were first considering Rupert’s tools, I gave the URL for the website to my VP of HR. He liked it so much he forwarded it to the CEO, who studied it on his BlackBerry during a long stay in a hospital waiting room. Despite the small screen, they saw the power of it and decided to go forward.



Rupert & Company helped us all over the world. Their expertise can be applied anywhere. We went on a learning journey with them.



What I respect about Paul is that he’s accessible, direct, pragmatic. He doesn’t need hundreds of studies to back him up -- he has integrated all that knowledge himself. His firm was good at slowing down the horses, arguing that we didn’t need to change the world first to get the initiative underway. The CEO staff got involved in the process.

He not only brings his expertise and tools but he’s also an excellent strategic adviser. He kept me grounded in a challenging process. He keeps folks on track. Paul’s credibility in the subject area was never in question. The head of HR really grew to admire him. Paul’s firm helped us conduct focus groups so we could know from our own people what they wanted in flexibility and hear from our managers what their concerns were.



Rupert’s web-based tools are a wonderful platform for making decisions and training participants. They played a key role in convincing our CEO, Senior Leadership and HR to buy in to our Flexibility Initiative.



I believe people really trust Rupert & Company as a business partner in providing expertise and insight into our flexibility initiative. It’s not just another flavor-of-the-month, but initiating significant cultural change in the organization.



They were flexible in a project that was jumping all over the place. Other consultants tend to be more rigid. Rupert was our checks and balances, pointing out readily when we were going in a wrong direction.



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Our FlexWise™ tools include targeted guidelines, robust online trainings, work redesign guides and metrics systems. We counsel and train task forces, executives, HR teams, managers and employees.

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