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Why a Focus on Talent, Mobility and Productivity?

FlexWise™  2.0
Advanced Guidelines
FlexWise™  2.0
Talent Focus
FlexWise™  2.0
Mobility Focus
FlexWise™  2.0
Productivity Focus
Flexibility Trends

The new FlexWise™2.0 Guidelines offer state-of-the-art, comprehensive navigation for managers and employees seeking flexible work arrangements that serve the individual contributor and the business. They contain modified elements of our original sites, including:

Diverse leadership endorsements
Prioritized guiding principles
Intensive proposal process guidance
Persuasive success stories
Implementation tips plus training on each option

These thorough guidelines can help deliver the growing range of flexibility outcomes – and deliver them well. They include:

A positive effect on recruitment
A proven impact on retention
An increase in employee engagement
The retention of older workers
Savings in reduced office space
Improved client service and coverage
A reduced carbon footprint
A tool for business continuity

While internal champions of flexibility have been slowly expanding this list, many companies seem to be moving in a different direction. They are focusing their efforts, seeking one of three major outcomes.

As the use of flexibility has matured, the casual approach to its recruitment and retention powers has given way to its inclusion in Talent Management. The
need for the systematic is replacing the ad hoc as the value of talent becomes increasingly evident.

No flex trend has been more pronounced than the explosion of mobility – telework and the space-saving, traffic reduction and business continuity it enables. In many cases, even as companies launch major new efforts, the growth is outstripping the mobility supports.

As companies continue the quest for greater productivity, many are turning to flexibility as a possible source. One focus is on more systematic ways to define, enhance and measure individual outcomes. The shift from general claims to reliable productivity is a high priority.

FlexWise™ 2.0 Solutions

As company goals for flexibility initiatives become more refined, there is great value in developing specialty guidelines that support these efforts. All FlexWise™ 2.0 guidelines start with the same basic capabilities and features, and add elements such as these:

FlexWise™ 2.0 – Talent
A standard approach to flexibility enables the retention of the talented and the hope of recruitment and engagement. The focus on talent adds these distinct capabilities:

  a decision-making standard and form based on “no harm”
  support tools to strengthen manager decision-making
  aggressive training to promote the retention power of flex
  a system to facilitate flex for new hires from Day One
  use of a work redesign toolkit to enhance flex and satisfaction

FlexWise™ 2.0 – Mobility
Hundreds of companies have turned to more mobile workplaces to reduce space costs and achieve other goals.  The primary flex tools in use are referred to as telework. The mobility focus adds:

  video-based training of managers, employees to improve productivity
  more intensive employee and manager skills assessments
  preparatory suites of webinars, online tools and live training
  package of goal-setting, evaluations and remedial training
  customized, intensive online implementation training

FlexWise™ 2.0 – Productivity
Links between flexibility and productivity have been made frequently but verified less often. Systemic improvements such as group gains are more common than the productivity that grows out of individual flexibility. The productivity focus includes:

  detailed assessments and aptitude scans for results-orientation
  a video-assisted, high-impact proposal process
  apply standard and use proposal form that seek “positive business impact”
  a guide and tools for refining metrics and evaluating performance
  application of a customized work redesign toolkit

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FlexWise™ Tools & Counsel

Successful flexibility:

  • changes cultures
  • redesigns for retention
  • takes risks to recruit the exceptional
  • lets work be done where it is done best
  • engages and innovates for high productivity

Our FlexWise™ tools include targeted guidelines, robust online trainings, work redesign guides and metrics systems. We counsel and train task forces, executives, HR teams, managers and employees.

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